Trump Nursery Rhymes

Inspired by bg trashcanbard: the-creation-of-shit-holes


If shitholes were airplanes

Outhouses would fly

If tax bills were watches, my arm would drag by my side

And if “SIGs” and “GOPs”

were bans and bombs

There’d be no hope for our children

hair flap

There was a loutish chap,

Who had a blond doo-lap,

Right in the middle of his block head.

Whenever he would tweet,

Never words and truth would meet.

Until all reason and compassion were dead.

little hands

Donald has such little hands

Little hands

Little hands

Donald has such little hands

His heart is black as coal.







7 thoughts on “Trump Nursery Rhymes

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  1. He’s an embarrassment for your country, my friend! We generally look up to the US, but this guy’s something else! WTH, at least he makes other leaders in “shithole” countries look better!

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