Talkin’ Baseball…and elections

Regardless of your stance on players kneeling during the National Anthem, baseball is still the American pastime, rich with myths, legends and colorful language and imagery. The beloved poem, Casey at the Bat by Ernest Lawrence Thayer is the inspiration for my take on the circus surrounding the Presidential election results in Georgia. Donnie at the Bat The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Trumpville mob … Continue reading Talkin’ Baseball…and elections

WRVR New York – Hour of Jazz 9-24-2019

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Miracle Mets, who on this night in 1969 clinched the NL Eastern Division title, with some throwback ‘RVR sounds courtesy of Joe Bev. WRVR 106.7 FM, commercial Jazz station in New York City, circa 1970s Les Davis – WRVR Host 1978 Air Check (first 10 minutes) Playlist: Gil Scott Heron – The Bottle Weather Report – River People Steely … Continue reading WRVR New York – Hour of Jazz 9-24-2019

ESPN 30 for 30 “The Dark Knight”

With the trade completed on Tuesday for Cincinnati Reds catcher Devin Mesoraco, the Matt Harvey era of the New York Mets officially came to an end. If there is comeback chapter to be written for Harvey it will be with the Reds or another team. Once again, the Mets fans are left with an unfulfilled dream. More likely, the final chapter will be the one … Continue reading ESPN 30 for 30 “The Dark Knight”

Giants Co-owner Speaks Out About Team’s Playoff Outlook

Giants co-owner and part-time beet farmer, Dwight Kurt Schrute III, recently met with beat reporters, (pun intended), to discuss his team’s chances of sneaking into the playoffs as a wildcard entry. “Bucs…Bears…blowin’ it for draft picks,” Schrute made his priorities clear to the team, his embattled coach Ben McAdoo, and anyone else in earshot of his satellite office in Scranton, PA. “If I’ve learned anything in … Continue reading Giants Co-owner Speaks Out About Team’s Playoff Outlook

Giants and McAdoo at Crossroads

Giants coach Ben McAdoo is at the intersection of Route 74 and Nowhereville. His legacy will be defined by how he manages his floundering left tackle Ereck Flowers. Despite all of the drama contrived by the New York press this week, McAdoo’s negative comments about the performance of his QB Monday night will have no effect on how Eli plays. No amount of criticism can faze Manning. … Continue reading Giants and McAdoo at Crossroads

Had My Phil – An Easter Story

Yeah, I know Easter was months ago… He who took a bite out of the Big Apple, worshiped at the alter of a false god, the idol of Jordan, proclaimed “The Greatest of All Time,” he who conspired with the serpent, the Black Mamba, and the powerful giant Shaquille, hath been laid low. It was Thee who professed of the sanctity of an unholy trinity, … Continue reading Had My Phil – An Easter Story

Philin’ In – Act Four

The saga of James Dolan, Phil Jackson and Isiah Thomas will bring new meaning to the phrase Triangle Offense. Jimmy’s thoughts drifted back to the beach. Isiah was standing to his left, facing the minister who stood under a bough of roses formed into a heart shaped arch. The minister was speaking directly to Jimmy. “James, have you prepared your vows?” “Actually, I had planned … Continue reading Philin’ In – Act Four