Ben Sidran: Talking Jazz (An Oral History)

They say that if you want to understand why an instrumentalist plays the way he or she plays, listen to them speak. That makes total sense when hearing Wayne Shorter or Ornette Coleman being interviewed. And now, courtesy of Ben Sidran, there’s never been a better chance to hear other examples of this. Sidran is […] Ben Sidran: Talking Jazz (An Oral History) Continue reading Ben Sidran: Talking Jazz (An Oral History)

Talkin’ Baseball…and elections

Regardless of your stance on players kneeling during the National Anthem, baseball is still the American pastime, rich with myths, legends and colorful language and imagery. The beloved poem, Casey at the Bat by Ernest Lawrence Thayer is the inspiration for my take on the circus surrounding the Presidential election results in Georgia. Donnie at the Bat The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Trumpville mob … Continue reading Talkin’ Baseball…and elections


The Bridge is an enduring symbol of the conquest of ingenuity over physical obstacles. It is about creating connections where none previously existed. And, it is a metaphor for the basic human need to connect with others of a like mind, to be understood. I explored these cultural connections in an earlier post I’m over here, you’re over there but every day we build … Continue reading Bridge


There’s no shortage of old stone walls in Connecticut. Most have been standing for hundreds of years. They were built from materials pulled from the land. When the glaciers melted and land masses were pulled apart by the forces of nature, Long Island was blessed with rich, fertile soil, leaving New England with an unyielding rocky coastline. Walls are built to keep things out, or … Continue reading Wall


Heartbeat    teabtraeH HeartbeatteabtraeH HeartbeattraeH Heartbeat—pulse of the city street or a country road Heartbeat of rhythms carry me to the sea carry me, far away far from shores of steel and cobblestone and far from rooftops—stargazer’s threshold to Heaven And further yet from stillness of country nights a heartbeat riding bareback, hair flying free riding into darkness—far from me Heartbeat of traffic Sirens a hornblast … Continue reading Heartbeat

WRVR Jazz NY – RNC Theme Song

In honor of the awe inspiring Republican National Convention, I profoundly present to our listeners a song from the days when America was great, when WRVR was broadcasting on the New York airwaves, Donald Trump was following in the footsteps of his father Fred, demolishing some of New York City’s finest architectural landmarks, and when men were men, women were women and, like minorities and … Continue reading WRVR Jazz NY – RNC Theme Song