WRVR Jazz NY – Eddie Jefferson

Nearly 40 years after WRVR New York discontinued Jazz programming, fans have remained nostalgic about their beloved station broadcasting out of Woodside, Queens. My goal is to advance the mission of WRVR in some small way.

Thanks to orangedrop76 for saving this piece of history and setting the groove for this inaugural tribute to the Golden Age of Jazz in NYC. The audio quality is good and the short playlist is representative of what you would hear on RVR in the late 70’s. The original commercials and announcer fills by G. Keith Alexander are included.

I welcome any suggestions, remembrances and requests from fellow fans of the station.

Tonight’s featured tune is Ornithology by Eddie Jefferson.



Poison’s Pandering

If it’s not you, it must be me…

If the universe is expanding, why do I feel so claustrophobic?

At least I can get a star named after me and listed in the International Star Registry, but I don’t know, it all seems so impermanent. I mean, I got a planet named after my favorite childhood toy, a stuffed Pluto dog, only to discover that Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet. It was like my “lifetime” membership at the local video store all over again.

pluto dog

No fear, there are billions of stars in the universe, and no two snowflakes are alike. For a nominal fee you can have a snowflake named after you and listed in my Intergalactic Snowflake Registry. For only $49.95 you get a photo of your snowflake superimposed over the summit of Mt. Everest and a certificate of authenticity.


If this seems a bit frivolous, you can opt for a more permanent memento that doubles as a political statement, a dog turd from the National POS Registry in the shape of Donald Trump. The news may be fake, but the certificate and the stench are all too real.


Crash Course in Musical Appreciation

Since I’m currently in a writing Dead Zone, I’m sharing a post from fellow blogger and music lover, zumpoems. If you love Jazz, and all things musical, you’ll love his writing and exploration of Jazz, Classical, Rock, and the song birds in your back yard.

Though generally not a fan of free jazz, I do enjoy the music I have purchased and heard from Cecil Taylor, Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry and Sam Rivers. I also find John Coltrane’s forays into free jazz particularly appealing, but let’s face it, John Coltrane could have made interesting music just playing rising and falling […]

via Fifty Years Ago: Anthony Braxton, 3 Compositions of New Jazz — zumpoems

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