Four Square Miles refers to a small city bordering the Bronx, famous for basketball and several A-list celebrities such as Denzel Washington, Dick Clark and Art Carney. It also has the infamous distinction of being featured in the book, Savage Inequalities, a study of the disparities in education between schools of different classes and races.

I am possibly the World’s Slowest Human. When I played softball it looked like I was moonwalking to 1st base. My personal wish is to run as fast as Usain Bolt for just one day. Poison nickname was bestowed upon me by teammate on company softball team. I was Big Poison and he was Little Poison, paying homage to brothers Paul and Lloyd Waner who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates nearly a hundred years ago. My other nickname, poking fun at my lack of speed, was Roberto Cemente.

Ideas are everywhere, and my interests are diverse. The subjects of my posts are all over the place, to the point where the categories I created make no sense. This will come across as ingratiating, but I get inspiration from interaction with fellow bloggers, more so than from reading the classics.

I want my blog to be an honest view into my heart and mind. I usually agonize over each post, wanting it to be perfect and bullshit free. Since this is impossible, I am overly critical and not very prolific. I feel like my blog should have a more consistent theme and feel, but my interests are eclectic, so I guess this is an approximate representation of who I am.

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