How We Write?

First of all, “Is this thing on?” I’ve learned a lot in just over a year’s worth of blogging, and yet there is so much I still don’t understand. Take of my observations and opinions what you will, and feel free to provide your criticism, comments and suggestions. I greatly value your feedback and interaction, as the social component of WordPress, the community of fellow writers, is … Continue reading How We Write?

Culture of One

A recent post, Cultural Osmosis, by WSW, World Surfing Warrior, got me thinking about how people from different cultures connect. Culture consists of so many components, large and small, some so small they may seem insignificant and superficial, but I would advise you not to blink. I have seen very little of this world, having ventured outside of the States only a handful of times. As … Continue reading Culture of One

Paris Redux – Part II

What might not have been apparent from my earlier post is that Paris is more than just beautiful architecture. There are people as well, and after photographing most of the tourist sights, I made a conscious effort to capture the people and unique activities that surrounded me. Unlike the first set of photos, I took some time to edit these to better focus on the subjects, but … Continue reading Paris Redux – Part II

Candlepin Bowling

I guarantee this place is not on anyone’s bucket list, but you can often find fun in unexpected places. Candlepin bowling at Saco Valley Lanes transports you back in time. On one rainy afternoon in North Conway, NH, we searched for a nearby bowling alley. The closest lanes are in Fryeburgh, in the neighboring state of Maine. As we approached our destination we passed many neglected … Continue reading Candlepin Bowling


Summer is a good time to catch up on your reading and to post a travelogue. Yesterday’s day trip to the Essex steam train and riverboat at the Connecticut Valley Railroad, and recent overnighter to Mystic, featured some good old Yankee ingenuity displayed in the unique features of a couple of funky bridges. Mystic River Bascule Bridge I’m somewhat mechanically inclined, however, I’m still not sure … Continue reading aBridged