Restoration Project – Singer Treadle Machine

I’m a jack of all trades with a soft spot for old radios, furniture, and great pieces of Americana like this Singer treadle sewing machine circa 1925. I picked it up for forty bucks at half-price sticker sale at local Goodwill, and hope to get it in working condition. It’s almost too well preserved to be considered a restoration project. The treadle is in perfect condition, with no rust or chipped paint, and fully operational. There is some fading and alligatoring to the paint on machine, but all of the stenciling is intact, as are the nameplates. The cabinet has a small water damaged spot that lifted some of the laminate, but overall the cabinet is original and in good shape.

So, restoration should consist of some light cleaning of the sewing machine unit, careful refinishing of the cabinet, and the biggest challenge will be getting the machine to work, especially since I know nothing about sewing machines.

Stay tuned…


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