Heartbeat    teabtraeH HeartbeatteabtraeH HeartbeattraeH Heartbeat—pulse of the city street or a country road Heartbeat of rhythms carry me to the sea carry me, far away far from shores of steel and cobblestone and far from rooftops—stargazer’s threshold to Heaven And further yet from stillness of country nights a heartbeat riding bareback, hair flying free riding into darkness—far from me Heartbeat of traffic Sirens a hornblast … Continue reading Heartbeat


Since my son Cliff has been better able to express his thoughts and feelings on the movement, I’m sharing his latest poem with the hope it sparks change, and provides inspiration to jump start my own writing. We are each but one voiceScreams into shielded facesCascading chantsWords calculated and calmly spoken into a lensscribbledtypedstoriespoemsEach but one voiceGaining power as it transforms into a chorusAttempts to … Continue reading BLM

Spring and All

Keeping with Tanya’s Marigolds theme, –visit Soul Symphonies Marigolds in May–and my failed attempts to hurry Spring along, I decided to torture myself by writing a sonnet, the first I’ve ever attempted. Flowering   Sunflower staggered under mass of suns Shoulders the weight of a solar hour Forlornly lusting over meadow runs Tournesol to shun the cosmic bower   Shedding the burden of the sunflower … Continue reading Spring and All


via Obsession  originally posted on Illusive Road on May 22, 2016 I am adrift, but my fellow bloggers help ground me. I appreciate their comments and encouragement, especially when they come from someone who’s work I admire and respect. Such is the case with Illusive Road author Dawn to Dusk. Her poetry is genuine and without pretense, raw emotion expressed in simple, yet musical language. … Continue reading Obsession 


I have so much information floating around in my head, much of it of dubious value. This assemblage has been collected, coalesced and distorted by fading memory, so that even the formidable powers of Google fail me when I try to reconnect the original source. Such was nearly the case for a quote I would likely have attributed to one of many famous existential authors. Instead, said quote helped me rediscover other … Continue reading Redemption

Redhead Quickie – Depression Era Series – Pt 4

Several of the poems in The Dream Keeper by Langston Hughes have seasonal themes. Featured on this icy January night is Dreams. Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a barren field Frozen with snow. Our featured redhead is Mickey Rooney. Rooney starred in over 300 … Continue reading Redhead Quickie – Depression Era Series – Pt 4

Redhead Quickie – Depression Era Series – Pt 3

Our featured poem from Langston Hughes is Homesick Blues. Home is not only where the heart is, and it isn’t always a physical location, but is a place where we are most our self. While this poem may not be my favorite, it is the one where I most relate to the speaker, who’s voice and words never leave me. De railroad bridge’s A sad song … Continue reading Redhead Quickie – Depression Era Series – Pt 3