There’s no shortage of old stone walls in Connecticut. Most have been standing for hundreds of years. They were built from materials pulled from the land. When the glaciers melted and land masses were pulled apart by the forces of nature, Long Island was blessed with rich, fertile soil, leaving New England with an unyielding rocky coastline. Walls are built to keep things out, or … Continue reading Wall


I have so much information floating around in my head, much of it of dubious value. This assemblage has been collected, coalesced and distorted by fading memory, so that even the formidable powers of Google fail me when I try to reconnect the original source. Such was nearly the case for a quote I would likely have attributed to one of many famous existential authors. Instead, said quote helped me rediscover other … Continue reading Redemption

Blind Faith and Stick Figure Jesus

Sketch courtesy http://www.handdrawnalbumcovers.com/blind-faith-blind-faith/ This is not a review or retrospective of the album released in 1969 by the band of the same name led by Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood. I found the hand drawn representation of the original controversial album cover by happenstance while doing a Google search of blind faith. The website is interesting and included a link to share, so please visit. … Continue reading Blind Faith and Stick Figure Jesus

Time Traveler

My memory is a heartless unthinking creature. It forgets what I long to remember, and remembers, in excruciating detail, what I beg to forget.   THE GAME I like to play this little game; it’s simple math, but I must have some kind of instinctive need for perspective, a desire to understand my position in the universal timeline. It goes like this…We all walk around with our personal … Continue reading Time Traveler