Spring and All

Keeping with Tanya’s Marigolds theme, –visit Soul Symphonies Marigolds in May–and my failed attempts to hurry Spring along, I decided to torture myself by writing a sonnet, the first I’ve ever attempted.



Sunflower staggered under mass of suns

Shoulders the weight of a solar hour

Forlornly lusting over meadow runs

Tournesol to shun the cosmic bower


Shedding the burden of the sunflower

You burn with inextinguishable joy

Ne’er bowing to incinerate power

Seeking universal laws to destroy


Corolla of daisy’s ringed yoke ensnares

A dark core of isolation within

The day’s eye opens while the Buddha stares

Contemplating a freed soul void of sin


Marigold! Sun and flower incarnate

Light and color embrace my garden gate


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