The Royal Wedding – What Else?

My takeaways from the larger than life event: England looks amazing. I need to go to there… Brits pronounce the letter “H” hay-ch as opposed to the Yanks version ay-ch. Having heard it, I want to start pronouncing it that way because it makes so much more sense. But, where will it end? I’ll need to pronounce the affluent town a few miles south of … Continue reading The Royal Wedding – What Else?

Lunchtime Walk – Bethel, CT

What started as a pictorial of local sculpted metal street art, expanded into a walking tour of the sleepy little town where I work. What Bethel lacks in grandeur and sophistication it makes up for with its intimate and unique collection of little shops, restaurants and small scale architecture. This little enclave, with the biblical name, was the birthplace of P.T. Barnum of the famous … Continue reading Lunchtime Walk – Bethel, CT

What’s in a (user)name?

What’s in a name? Like me, I bet many of you are curious about the origins of some of the quirky and mysterious usernames created by our favorite blog heroes. Through correspondence and interaction on Word Press you may even know many of them by their birth names. I have had many nicknames over the years, some of them not so flattering, some pretty obvious, … Continue reading What’s in a (user)name?

Restoration Project – Kling Desk

No progress or updates on the Singer treadle sewing machine. Instead, I’ve flipped the switch a bit and present to you my recently finished project, a solid mahogany Kling desk. I fought my instincts to refinish in the original dark color stain and took direction from my daughter Kate. Since the desk is for her use, and not for resale, it made sense to tailor to her taste. … Continue reading Restoration Project – Kling Desk

Liebster Award

I’m honored that someone thought enough of my blog to nominate me for a Liebster Award. Thanks to Lindsey,, and congratulations on your own Liebster nominations. I’ll try to do this justice. Once completed, I think I’ll have this post serve double duty as my About page since it contains a good amount of personal info and insight into what motivates me to write. Here are the … Continue reading Liebster Award

Paris Redux – Part II

What might not have been apparent from my earlier post is that Paris is more than just beautiful architecture. There are people as well, and after photographing most of the tourist sights, I made a conscious effort to capture the people and unique activities that surrounded me. Unlike the first set of photos, I took some time to edit these to better focus on the subjects, but … Continue reading Paris Redux – Part II

Candlepin Bowling

I guarantee this place is not on anyone’s bucket list, but you can often find fun in unexpected places. Candlepin bowling at Saco Valley Lanes transports you back in time. On one rainy afternoon in North Conway, NH, we searched for a nearby bowling alley. The closest lanes are in Fryeburgh, in the neighboring state of Maine. As we approached our destination we passed many neglected … Continue reading Candlepin Bowling