WRVR Jazz NY – Black History Month

In recognition of Black History Month, remembering Martin Luther King’s historic appearance at Riverside Church on April 4, 1967 which was covered by WRVR radio. Article from the New Yorker recalls King’s anti-war speech. Martin Luther King Jr’s searing anti-war speech fifty years later Audio of the full speech: Also, sharing an interesting article from 1978 that fills in additional history about WRVR’s transition from … Continue reading WRVR Jazz NY – Black History Month


via Obsession  originally posted on Illusive Road on May 22, 2016 I am adrift, but my fellow bloggers help ground me. I appreciate their comments and encouragement, especially when they come from someone who’s work I admire and respect. Such is the case with Illusive Road author Dawn to Dusk. Her poetry is genuine and without pretense, raw emotion expressed in simple, yet musical language. … Continue reading Obsession 

WRVR Jazz NY – Citizens for Jazz

While Salsa Meets Jazz was an immensely popular musical series at The Village Gate in NYC, Jazz and litigation was not a successful mix for the Citizens for Jazz on WRVR who petitioned against the FCC in 1985 “to deny the application of Riverside Broadcasting Company, Inc. (“Riverside”) for a radio broadcasting license renewal.” The petition illustrates the passion fans had for their station, and … Continue reading WRVR Jazz NY – Citizens for Jazz


I have so much information floating around in my head, much of it of dubious value. This assemblage has been collected, coalesced and distorted by fading memory, so that even the formidable powers of Google fail me when I try to reconnect the original source. Such was nearly the case for a quote I would likely have attributed to one of many famous existential authors. Instead, said quote helped me rediscover other … Continue reading Redemption

New Year’s Resolution

My blogging buddy Kunal of random rants ruminations ramblings will get a kick out of this: I had a dream, a couple nights ago, about Priyanka–likely because I saw a news report about Nick Jonas–and the dream included my wife. Don’t get so excited; it’s probably not what you think. We were sitting at a counter, or table, with Bibi on my immediate right, between myself … Continue reading New Year’s Resolution

Poison Deconstructs Karma

Credit to The Girl From Jupiter for the inspiration for this post, based on her poem Reverse Karma and the resulting conversation linked here: Excerpts from the comments section are in bold italics. I was born and raised a Catholic, so my viewpoint has a Christian slant. However, my wife is Muslim who grew up in Guyana where Islam was practiced in a relatively moderate … Continue reading Poison Deconstructs Karma

James Baldwin – Esquire Interview 1968

Were that his words would be irrelevant today, and less prescient. In the 60’s and early 70’s James Baldwin was at the center of the American literary universe, the civil rights movement, and popular culture. He was on the cover of Time magazine on May 17, 1963. Sadly, by the 80’s his contributions and immeasurable influence had been largely forgotten. The author reflected on this … Continue reading James Baldwin – Esquire Interview 1968

“This rigid refusal to look at ourselves may well destroy us” James Baldwin

Originally posted on Reconsidering James Baldwin in the Era of #BlackLivesMatter:
“particularly now” same as it ever was… We must look in the mirror and ask ourselves, what is at the core of our emotional reactions? What does this say about me, who I am as a person, and what I believe in? Reconsidering James Baldwin in the Era of #BlackLivesMatter View original post Continue reading “This rigid refusal to look at ourselves may well destroy us” James Baldwin