WRVR Jazz NY – Weather Report

In times like these we could all use a little fusion. Crossing over into different genres and  borrowing elements from diverse cultures have always been key elements in jazz composition and improvisation. Fusion takes many forms in jazz, whether it is the incorporation of classical style in the music of the Modern Jazz Quartet, or John Coltrane’s jazz interpretation of My Favorite Things from The … Continue reading WRVR Jazz NY – Weather Report

WRVR Jazz NY – Chaka Khan

It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon, nineteen-seventy something, and I’m riding home on the public bus from White Plains, New York, a freshly purchased copy of Rufusized in hand. Little did I know that I would be blown away by the excitement of the opening track, marveling at the audacious vocals of a unique singer that would soon become one of my lifelong favorites. “Once you … Continue reading WRVR Jazz NY – Chaka Khan

WBGO – Books on Racial Injustice

This is worth sharing. The words of James Baldwin have echoed across the decades as of late. The WBGO selection includes the following jazz inspired works: Notes and Tones by Arthur R. Taylor (Da Capo Press) Blues Legacies and Black Feminism by Angela Davis (Vintage Books) Clawing at the Limits of Cool: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and the Greatest Jazz Collaboration Ever by Salim Washington and Farah Griffin (Thomas Dunne Books) … Continue reading WBGO – Books on Racial Injustice


Since my son Cliff has been better able to express his thoughts and feelings on the movement, I’m sharing his latest poem with the hope it sparks change, and provides inspiration to jump start my own writing. We are each but one voiceScreams into shielded facesCascading chantsWords calculated and calmly spoken into a lensscribbledtypedstoriespoemsEach but one voiceGaining power as it transforms into a chorusAttempts to … Continue reading BLM

WRVR Jazz NY – Ella Fitzgerald

In celebration of International Jazz Day, remembering the contributions of jazz icon Ella Fitzgerald. Ella’s artistry and improvisational skills are amazing, and while she may not have invented scatting, there’s a good reason Ella is usually the first artist who comes to mind when referencing the form. Throughout my childhood, Ella was everywhere, on T.V. and performing at pop and jazz festivals all over the world. If … Continue reading WRVR Jazz NY – Ella Fitzgerald

WRVR Jazz NY: Cutting Session – Monk vs. Horace Silver

In the tradition of legendary cutting sessions between stride piano masters like James P. Johnson, Jelly Roll Morton and Willie the Lion Smith in Harlem during the early days of Jazz, I present a challenge of classic compositions from modern masters Thelonious Monk and Horace Silver. From Monk, I present Crepuscule With Nellie, from the album Criss-Cross and featuring Charlie Rouse on sax, followed by … Continue reading WRVR Jazz NY: Cutting Session – Monk vs. Horace Silver

Spring and All

Keeping with Tanya’s Marigolds theme, –visit Soul Symphonies Marigolds in May–and my failed attempts to hurry Spring along, I decided to torture myself by writing a sonnet, the first I’ve ever attempted. Flowering   Sunflower staggered under mass of suns Shoulders the weight of a solar hour Forlornly lusting over meadow runs Tournesol to shun the cosmic bower   Shedding the burden of the sunflower … Continue reading Spring and All


Life may seem to have a plan, but for the most part it’s pretty random. We’re thrown together on this big old rock, then try to connect in a variety of ways. Our reach has expanded through technology, but the desired result has never changed; we are looking for friendship and love, an understanding ear, and a sense of belonging though shared experience. Last week … Continue reading Kim

WRVR Jazz NY – Black History Month

In recognition of Black History Month, remembering Martin Luther King’s historic appearance at Riverside Church on April 4, 1967 which was covered by WRVR radio. Article from the New Yorker recalls King’s anti-war speech. Martin Luther King Jr’s searing anti-war speech fifty years later Audio of the full speech: Also, sharing an interesting article from 1978 that fills in additional history about WRVR’s transition from … Continue reading WRVR Jazz NY – Black History Month