Spring and All

Keeping with Tanya’s Marigolds theme, –visit Soul Symphonies Marigolds in May–and my failed attempts to hurry Spring along, I decided to torture myself by writing a sonnet, the first I’ve ever attempted.



Sunflower staggered under mass of suns

Shoulders the weight of a solar hour

Forlornly lusting over meadow runs

Tournesol to shun the cosmic bower


Shedding the burden of the sunflower

You burn with inextinguishable joy

Neโ€™er bowing to incinerate power

Seeking universal laws to destroy


Corolla of daisyโ€™s ringed yoke ensnares

A dark core of isolation within

The dayโ€™s eye opens while the Buddha stares

Contemplating a freed soul void of sin


Marigold! Sun and flower incarnate

Light and color embrace my garden gate



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