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I am adrift, but my fellow bloggers help ground me. I appreciate their comments and encouragement, especially when they come from someone who’s work I admire and respect. Such is the case with Illusive Road author Dawn to Dusk. Her poetry is genuine and without pretense, raw emotion expressed in simple, yet musical language. Her photography displays unique vision and a willingness to experiment.
Ironically, a recurring theme in her work is self-doubt and fear of rejection. While she questions her worthiness, which we all do from time to time, she does so devoid of self-pity, instead allowing her anxiety to draw her to the edge of the abyss to face her insecurities head on. There is great courage in this brutal honesty. What follows is my personal favorite, a poem filled with words and images I have carried with me since I discovered it several years ago.


That which makes you happy
I should love that too
But my obsession
Has me cursing your freedom

I love you
But your love scares me
I’ve surpassed abnormality
My love is no longer pure and simple

What is this obsession
It’s taken possession of my mind and heart
You seem to fill each thought
I sense you in every breath I take

I’m afraid,
This love consumes me
This love is no longer the calm lake in which I glide
But a stormy sea that throttles me day and night

Insecurity is a foreign entity entering me
I began to doubt my competence
I’m not enough to satisfy your needs
Not enough to keep you smiling

I’m addicted to you
A moment without you is a void
My sanity is at risk
All because you are my obsession



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