WRVR Jazz NY – Recipe for Success

WRVR was on to something. The hasty decision to abandon ship, after painstaking research and experimentation, remains a mystery nearly forty years later. WRVR’s popularity and loyal following was well noted by WBGO, and when jazz suddenly vanished from 106.7 FM, on September 8, 1980, the fledgling public radio station seized the opportunity to fill the void, and expanded from part-time to around-the-clock broadcasting. The bold and fortuitous decision enabled WBGO to emerge as the leader in jazz programming in the greater NYC market, while WRVR was reduced to a footnote in radio history.

Although few New York listeners seem aware of it, WBGO has been providing intelligent, challenging jazz programming for a year and a half. Though jazz had been well established at the station, round-the-clock programming had not been tried.

excerpt taken from May 14, 1982 NY Times article


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