Poison’s Music Survey Singles

Recycling post from a couple of years ago, which was a full-blown music themed survey. Except for Amanda, of Mind the Dog Writing Blog, who was kind enough to share her interests, I did not get any responses. Consider this the 45 rpm version of the survey.

Please share! I look forward to your thoughts and insights.

Which group or artist would you choose to compose your theme song? Why?

For me, it would be Carole King. I think I connect with the whole hippy Earth mother sensibility. A friend once said “Daughter of Light”, from the Thoroughbred album, made them think of me.


Daughter of Light
Carole King

Daughter of light
You’re a welcome sight
To a weary soul
Seeing you just lifts me out of the cold
It’s only temporary
You have to go away
But you’re beautiful
And you never fail to make my day
Daughter of light
You smile and all the sadness leaves my heart
It’s an easy course for sailing that you chart
But it’s only temporary
You have to go away
You’re too beautiful
And you know I’d never ask you to stay
Riding on the beach at sunset
Dreaming of the world that waits for you
That’s where my mind’s eye sees you
In a world that frees you
To do anything that you want to do
Daughter of light
Though you can only be a sometime friend
You restore my faith in love again
And that’s not temporary
Even though you go away
You’re too beautiful
Much more than words can say

© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC




5 thoughts on “Poison’s Music Survey Singles

Add yours

  1. Now that I’ve read the lyrics, I can picture you as the living image of this song. I’ll have to check out the complete album in order to add the details to this mental image. We’ll also have to work on getting you new cover art because this one is going to make me laugh L. 😄

    1. This album as a whole captures a point in time for me. Nothing matches Carole King’s “Tapestry” album, but this work well represents her style and has a consistent theme.

      Your turn: Who would you choose to compose your theme song, and why?

    1. They played Waits quite a bit on the old WRVR at a time when his style was jazz influenced. I liked his gravelly, cafe society sound, back when the “No Smoking” section of the jazz club was staying close to the floor.

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