How to Submit Your Manuscript to the Big 5 US Publishers in 2019 — The Cat’s Write

This one’s a keeper, so re-blogging for easy reference:

Hi Everyone! Here’s a recently updated list of the Big 5 US Publishing Houses, their submission requirements for unsolicited manuscripts and links to submission details. I’ve also added a bonus publisher at the end for you. I spent hours (quite literally) researching and updating this list for all of my wonderful blogging friends. You know how much […]

via How to Submit Your Manuscript to the Big 5 US Publishers in 2019 — The Cat’s Write



  1. Plenty of new writers get their novel finished, edited, re-edited, and re-re-edited, but then get stuck on the Pitch (aka the query letter). It is so challenging to write a short pitch that actually captures the essence of the story while capturing the attention of an editor or agent, that I once wrote that it’s like “trying to cram an elephant into a teacup without killing the elephant or shattering the teacup.” Yeah, not easy. Then, you may write the perfect pitch and synopsis, but the editor or agent you send it to just isn’t in the mood for that kind of story at the moment, or was really hoping for something more/less trendy/literary/diverse/unique/romantic. It’s a tough road.

    I’d like to caution that this article has some very bad advice, though. The author suggests that writers should publish their own novels on Kindle while waiting for a publisher. Not a good choice. Most editors and agents will not even consider work that’s been previously published, even as an e-book. There have been rare exceptions to this, but why diminish your chances even further?

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