WRVR Jazz New York – passing the torch


Maybe you can’t go home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find happiness in unexpected places. While not a secret, WBGO broadcasting out of Newark, NJ has expanded and enhanced its web presence over the past several years. WBGO’s programming is diverse and unique, and its connection to the greater New Jersey/New York community hearkens back to the mission of the original WRVR when it broadcast from Riverside Church.

Perhaps the most welcome surprise has been the on-air personalities at the station; they come from varied backgrounds, are knowledgeable about Jazz, R&B and Blues, and are genuinely enthusiastic about the music, its history, and promoting young artists who are keeping the sound alive. During a recent pledge drive, I heard a familiar voice, Bill Daughtry, announcing many of my old favorites that would have been on a typical WRVR playlist. Daughtry, who now lives in New Jersey, in his former assignments was heard on ESPN and WFAN sports radio in New York. He also hails from my hometown, the Four Square Miles, and these days can be heard on BGO’s Friday Afternoon Jazz With the Blues Hour, and Saturday Late Night Jazz programs.

Check out some of the bios, give the station a listen, and discover your own favorites.
WBGO radio hosts

Besides carrying the torch for America’s native art form, WBGO spreads the jazz influence with a calendar of musical events, including programs for children to cultivate appreciation of this musical gift in future generations. Scanning the articles and links on the ‘BGO website, I’m encouraged by the breadth of young artists that are featured.

The spirit of WRVR lives on at WBGO and the future of Jazz looks bright.



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