Bollywood Fix

This might be more Facebook than WordPress, but I’m in a writing dead zone so thought I’d share this number. The color scheme is subdued and the production is less busy than a lot of Bollywood numbers. The focus is on the stars and they are well showcased here.

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    1. Hey K, How have you been? I knew I would take some flak for this one; I am hardly an expert on the genre, and I don’t know Deepika from a hole in the wall, although from a quick bio search she seems like a decent person. Did she snub you for an autograph or something? LOL! This was more an excuse for a Priyanka post.

      1. Haha, like the last bit! Yeah, gimme Priyanka over Deepika any day! And the latter’s choice of boyfriend? Ufff! The less said, the better! Take care, bud!

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