The Royal Wedding – What Else?

My takeaways from the larger than life event:

England looks amazing. I need to go to there…


Brits pronounce the letter “H” hay-ch as opposed to the Yanks version ay-ch. Having heard it, I want to start pronouncing it that way because it makes so much more sense. But, where will it end? I’ll need to pronounce the affluent town a few miles south of me as Green-which, CT rather than Gren-itch, and start sprinkling herbs over my freshly cooked po-tah-toes, not erbs on my po-tay-toes, or worse yet pa-tay-tiz. Growing up in New York, I’m already a lost cause. I drink cawfee and remark about how the weather is hot and yoo-mid. Getting back to the Royal Wedding, which was a yooge event…

The crowds were impressive, nearly as large as the one at President Trump’s inauguration. Also, much like Trump’s inauguration, save for a few celebrity sightings, the crowd didn’t accurately represent England’s diversity.

Royal wedding

wedding crowd

Speaking of celebrities, there was a Priyanka Chopra sighting, always a bonus, although the tight outfit wouldn’t lend itself to battling terrorists. However, her La Dolce Vita dress didn’t seem to slow her down as she kicked ass in this season’s opener of Quantico.



Obviously, the Royal couple were presented in the most romanticized and positive light. I know nothing about them, other than the images I’ve seen in the past few days, but Harry and Meghan seem down-to-earth and genuinely nice. I found their interaction with the crowd refreshing.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Visit Birmingham

prince-harry-little girl

One final observation, I was touched by the profile on Harry and William and their close relationship. I felt some sadness watching the groom and his best man walking the path together in uniform, knowing that their mother couldn’t be there to share the special moment.



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