WRVR Jazz NY – Eddie Jefferson

Nearly 40 years after WRVR New York discontinued Jazz programming, fans have remained nostalgic about their beloved station broadcasting out of Woodside, Queens. My goal is to advance the mission of WRVR in some small way.

Thanks to orangedrop76 for saving this piece of history and setting the groove for this inaugural tribute to the Golden Age of Jazz in NYC. The audio quality is good and the short playlist is representative of what you would hear on RVR in the late 70’s. The original commercials and announcer fills by G. Keith Alexander are included.

I welcome any suggestions, remembrances and requests from fellow fans of the station.

Tonight’s featured tune is Ornithology by Eddie Jefferson.




2 thoughts on “WRVR Jazz NY – Eddie Jefferson

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  1. I am so glad to have found your blog postings about WRVR. My Dad was a huge fan, and always had it on around the house when I was a child. Clicking on that YouTube clip and immediately hearing John Klemmer gave me such a warm feeling. I hope there are more airchecks around, and I sure will seek them out. I wish someone would recreate this station online somewhere.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Rob and sharing your family’s experience with WRVR. I think it’s great when our parents or grandparents share their love of the arts with us. My grandpa exposed me to this great music and I did the same with my children. We might not be able to recreate the WRVR experience, but we can do our part to pass along the tradition to our own children and grandchildren.

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