Depression – WPP

I’m depressed

’cause I have

White People Problems

Depressed is our word for the blues

But it don’t have 12 bars

and it ain’t in B flat

Blame it all on the blacks

and the Jews

16 thoughts on “Depression – WPP

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  1. We all have our own brand of depression I guess. Hope the blues aren’t plaguing you as much now. On a completely different note and as inappropriate as it sounds, we ought to make a list comparing first world problems and third world miseries, I have a feeling it would be darkly funny. 😀

    1. My feeble attempt at irony, although I did feel down at the time. There are probably whole websites devoted to lists of WPP. Visually the poem almost took the shape of a ball, which wasn’t intentional, but fitting. I didn’t mean to minimize the affects of depression or loneliness. The Chris Cornell suicide painfully reminded everyone that age, race, wealth, fame or social status doesn’t always insulate us from emotional turmoil.

      1. Everyone has their own version of hell playing in their head, the words we choose can never fully convey the intensity of it. So no assumptions there. And I understand what you mean, just when you get complacent wham! Rude awakening out of nowhere, episodes like these really compel you to think if in the end the struggle for a glorious life is worth the pain.

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