Poison’s Self-Realization Music Survey

I put this survey together quite a few years ago, and I’m sure I would have some very different answers today. You can share if you’re so inclined. Probably more appropriate for Facebook, but the answers are always more interesting than the questions.

  • Favorite musical style:


  • 2nd favorite style:


  • Your personal eclectic mix (everything else you like):


  • Least favorite musical style(s). Why?


  • Favorite artist(s):


  • Favorite group:


  • Favorite songs:


  • Describe your favorite musical settings and why they move you. For example, Jazz Quintet, Solo Guitar, Piano & Vocals, etc.:


  • What do you look for in a great live performance?


  • Most memorable concert you attended?


  • Which song reminds you of your spouse / significant other? Why?


  • What was your wedding song? Does it seem trite now, or would you pick the same song today?


  • Which song reminds you of a lost love?


  • Which song reminds you of your child (children)? Why?


  • Which song do you most identify with self? Why?


  • Which group or artist would you choose to compose your theme song? Why?


  • What type of music, or which artist(s) do you listen to when you’re happy? When you’re depressed?


  • What song or album gets you in “the mood?”


  • What song or album carries you back to your childhood? Why?


  • Do you like to sing? Who or what do you sound like? Who or what would you like to sound like?


  • Do you play an instrument?


  • What’s your favorite music to dance to?


  • Most memorable song lyric? Explain the significance in your life.


  • What are you listening to now?



2 thoughts on “Poison’s Self-Realization Music Survey

Add yours

  1. I love these!
    Favorite Musical Style: probably indie/emo
    Second Favorite Style: punk/alternative rock
    Personal Eclectic Mix: pretty much anything but radio rap and mainstream pop
    Leas Favorite Musical Style: I’m not a fan of most radio rap due to its content; I tend to dislike mainstream pop because the lyrics are often shallow and lack any poetic flair
    Favorite Artists/Groups: Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Band of Horses, Jimmy Eat World, Coheed and Cambria, Saves the Day, Secondhand Serenade, Mayday Parade
    Favorite Songs: the whole Dances with Wolves soundtrack, The Scientist by Coldplay, Everlong by the Foo Fighters, Glycerine by Bush, Better Man by Pearl Jam; Mr. Jones by Ben Folds
    Favorite Musical Settings: piano, strings
    Live Performance: My main concern is that I am energized enough to stay awake until the end (not a night person)!
    Most memorable concert: Probably All American Rejects in Detroit during my college years–but the first (and only!) time I crowd surfed was at a Taking Back Sunday show, and that was pretty memorable, too. So was Incubus…
    Okay, running out of time… Maybe I will be able to answer the rest of the questions (which are so fun!!!) later! Time will tell!

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