Got No Use For Love Songs

Got no use for love songs

when love is in my heart,

Got no use for trees and mountains

when they’re right in my back yard


Got no use for blankets

in my house that’s bright and warm,

And got no need for sturdy shoes

I drive everywhere in my car


Got no need for understanding

I don’t have much to say,

And got no need

for God…

or religion,

all things that I can’t see


Got no need

no need

no need…

no tears

no pain

no joy

no art


I search through the garbage

for something to eat,

I’m hungry.

Check the cracks in the sidewalk

for a blade of grass,

my garden.


The children run, and jump, and shriek

and laugh as they defy me

destroying my rules

set for them

and me


But children need to play

If you can’t beat them…

I run, and jump, and shriek

Got no need for rules

when the child is in my heart




9 thoughts on “Got No Use For Love Songs

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  1. A serious tone or a comical tone both emphasise the same thing. Take a look at the legend Shakespeare, who in his comical plays had an underlying serious tone. The idea of comedy is to joke about something but deep under, have a serious intent. 🙃

      1. True. Sometimes we don’t want to be serious and want to laugh to lighten moods. ❤️

    1. I tend to take a serious tone with poetry and story writing. This one is from a long time ago. Black Hole and Stick Figure Jesus are new. I’ve tried to be conscious of allowing some humor to come through in my other writing. I really appreciate you taking time to visit and offer your comments.

    2. I think people are empathetic and receptive to a serious tone when you are expressing personal feelings. When the message is more universal, serious sometimes comes across as preachy and the reader is turned off. A little humor, or even sarcasm, can help communicate the message and allow reader to drop their defenses. Thanks again, I appreciate your POV.

      1. That’s very true and well said… I think I’ll stick to the serious tone because I have no universal message to send out at this time in my life lol

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