I once told a friend, “I write because I have an overwhelming need to do so.” Now, only thirty plus years later, I’m here to share a handful of short stories and open myself up to criticism. Over time I guess I’ve learned  to support myself largely through my writing, which to date consists of several hundred thousand business emails, thousands of personal emails and letters, a few thousand message board posts, and whatever you find here. Quite prolific. Why dust off these stories after all these years? They were typewritten pages stored away in the closet. Being an average hunt-n-peck typist, I was not motivated to re-type these pages which would have subjected them to analysis, questioning of my choices, and revision. Discovering the wonders of Acrobat’s OCR capabilities, it was simple to scan and convert to pdf, then copy and paste to MS Word for minor corrections and formatting. What was more frustrating was trying to choose a blog theme to suit my minimalist taste, and discovering that Word is not web-friendly. After much well appreciated assistance from my daughter—Thanks Kate!—and some trial and error using Google Docs, I am able to finally offer something presentable that is basically an electronic representation of those old typewritten papers. Reading them again after many years, I’m a bit embarrassed by my naiveté and simplistic view of the universe. No matter; it’s who I was. I only hope that I was able to express some genuine emotions and capture a little music in the language. I’ve already found this experience far more pleasant than receiving rejection notices in the mail, from front line junior editors, at ill-suited publications, who likely never read my work. I have a few more short stories and poems to share, and hopefully this effort will reignite the fire.